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Frequently Asked Questions

Caravan Parks

We strongly recommend you stay in a caravan (RV) park. Australia has an extensive network of caravan parks in all major tourist centres and most towns. Caravan parks offer excellent recreational opportunities, plus essential shower and toilet facilities. Powered sites enable you to connect your vehicle to electricity. There is usually no need to book ahead, even in peak periods. The approximate cost is AU$25-30 per night.

Hippie clients receive a 10% discount at Top Tourist Parks and BIG4 Parks.

National Parks

Most national parks have areas set aside for camping. There are often showers, toilets, barbecues and picnic areas. National parks are also beautiful and peaceful locations to stay overnight. However, national parks do not usually offer powered sites.

Roadside Camping

Council laws prohibit camping on the side of the road near towns and cities. However, outside towns and in country areas it is generally permitted.

Hippie clients receive a 10% discount at Top Tourist Parks

The battery system will provide power for between 12 - 20 hours when fully charged depending on use.

Hippie vehicles operate on ancillary battery systems which power internal appliances such as the fridge, lights and water pump.

The batteries only recharge when connected to mains power or will trickle charge when driving the vehicle. Hippie Campervans/Cheapa Campa/Apollo recommends that the vehicle is plugged into Mains power every 2-3 nights. Idling the engine won't provide enough power to recharge the house battery.

When you are connected, all equipment automatically runs on mains power rather than the battery. Appliances such as the television, microwave, rear air-conditioning and power points only run on mains power.

For the 12 Volt system to work, the 12 Volt main switch must be in the 'on' position. All vehicles can be connected to 240 Volt mains power via the supplied 15 Amp extension lead with large earth pin. All approved caravan park circuits are rated at 15 amps.

Each campervan is supplied with some complimentary living equipment such as cooking equipment, and eating utensils.

We strongly recommend you use soft bags instead of suitcases for your luggage. Soft bags take up less room and fit more easily into the storage cupboards and lockers in the vehicle.

Skoot tablets may be available for hire with vehicle rental. These devices can provide gps navigation and mobile internet access in most locations throughout New Zealand dependent upon the selected usage plan. Devices may not be pre-booked, please check with our branch at the time of check-in to see if there is a device available for your trip.

We strongly recommend you use soft bags instead of suitcases for your luggage. Soft bags take up less room and fit more easily into the storage cupboards and lockers in the vehicle.

A valid, current car driver's licence must be produced for everyone intending to drive an Hippie rental vehicle. State, overseas or international licences are acceptable. However, the licence must be in English characters for our staff to read.

Hippie vehicles come with a spare tyre and equipment needed in the event of a tyre change. We also have a roadside assistance number who can help to call should you have any questions or need help. Our helpful branch staff can answer any other questions that you might have when you pick up your vehicle.

Petrol (Gasoline) in Australia comes in unleaded and leaded grades, and is sold by the litre. Petrol and diesel fuel costs between $1.30 AUD and $1.60 AUD per litre and can be higher, particularly in country and remote outback areas.

Two Wheel Drive Vehicles can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads. The only exception to this is the last remaining kilometres of loose road surface on recognised campground access roads less than 12 kilometres in length.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicles can also be driven on recognized unsealed tracks, but some remote areas are restricted as specified in our Terms and Conditions. Hippie also occasionally restricts vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.

The vehicle should be returned in the same condition you received it.

All Hippie campervans and motorhomes can play MP3 CDs. However, most vehicles are not fitted with iPod jacks. You can purchase a radio transmitter at most electronic stores which will enable you to play your iPod in your Hippie rental vehicle.

Yes all Hippie rentals require a bond. A credit card can only be used to provide the bond and the credit card holder must be present on pick up as they are jointly liable. The standard refundable Bond is $5,000 for the smaller campervans (ie. Hitops and Endeavour Campers) and $7,500 for the larger 4 – 6 berth motorhomes. This is charged to the hirer’s credit card when they pick up. This is a fairly standard rate for the entire motorhome hire industry. We understand that this may be a lot of money so we also offer liability reduction options to reduce the bond and your liability in the unlikely event of an accident.

Liability Reduction Option 1 (LRO1) Liability/Bond reduced to $2,500. At a charge of $27 per day

Liability Reduction Option 2 (LRO2) Liability/Bond reduced to $250. At a charge of $44 per day Also includes VIP cover.

Value Pack Liability/Bond reduced to $250. At a charge of $75 per day

Includes: VIP Cover, Unlimited Kilometres, 10% GST, 3% Administration Fee/Taxes, Hassle Free Check-In*, Personal Kits, Kitchen Kit, LP Gas Refill Fee, Hippie Welcome Pack, Pre-Hire Cleaning Fees, Vehicle Consultation Fee, 24hr Roadside Assistance, Extra Driver Fees, Camp Chairs and Table and Baby or Booster Seats (on request).

Please refer to the Hippie Terms and Conditions for the full range of liability and bond options.

The VIP Protection Package minimises your liability when travelling in a hired vehicle. If you do not take the VIP Protection Package you run the risk of being responsible for considerable costs associated with damage to, or theft of, the vehicle. This applies even if the damage was not your fault!

For example, you are liable if someone runs into you or if a rock from a passing car hits your windscreen and causes damage. Also, you are responsible for the subsequent costs if you are unlucky enough to puncture a tyre.

VIP Protection gives you peace of mind in such circumstances, as you will only be liable for a limited amount unless you breach the terms and conditions of the rental contract.

Some fees may apply if you cancel your rental booking. Please refer to Hippie’s Terms and Conditions for full details.

Toll roads are roads which charge a fee in exchange for access through to your destination. You will likely pass through toll roads if you are driving your campervan through metropolitan Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria.

When driving a rental vehicle in Australia, you are responsible for paying toll fees, so it is important to be aware of these roads before you travel. Refer to the toll road information on our Driving in Australia page for a list of Australian toll roads.

Yes. You will have a dedicated staff member take you on a personal tour of the vehicle when you arrive at the branch. They will ensure that you are familiar with all of the features before you leave. For some basic information about operating the vehicle, please read our Mini Rental Guide.

Hippie provides free internet at most of our branches, for your convenience during the short waiting period upon vehicle pick-up. We also provide FREE WiFi at selected Branches. Brisbane and Sydney have FREE WiFi, and several other branches will soon be upgraded to also provide FREE WiFi.

We do not have the facilities to attach a bike rack to our Motorhomes.

Bikes may be stored inside the Motorhome, however we would prefer they are stored in bike bags to avoid any damage to the interior of the Motorhome.

Campervan Relocation FAQs

The popularity of our relocation offers mean it would be very difficult for us to maintain an up to date relocation waiting list. Our rental vehicle relocation page is updated daily, so the best way to track available relocation specials is by bookmarking this page and visiting it on a regular basis.

Hippie relocation specials are made available as a result of Hippie's rental requirements. Therefore, we cannot offer any special not posted on our relocation page.

Hippie offers a certain number of days and free kilometres at the heavily discounted relocation rate. The number of days and kilometres are determined by the route you are travelling. Subject to availability, you may be able to hire the vehicle for additional days at a higher rate. Extra kilometres driven are charged at a low per km rate on vehicle return. For full details, see our Terms and Conditions.

The vehicle should be returned in the same condition you received it.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the information above serves to answer frequently asked questions only. The answers to these questions may change at any time. For full Hippie Terms and Conditions please refer to your Hippie Rental Agreement.

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