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Freedom Camping in New Zealand

While New Zealand is very tolerant of ‘Freedom Camping’ they do have some guidelines to ensure their communities and environment is not adversely affected by campers. There are also new laws that allow local governments to fine you if you are breaching the freedom camping guidelines.  


The New Zealand Government passed a new law in August 2011 that enables local councils to issue infringement notices (fines) to campers that:

• Camp in prohibited areas
• Camp without containment (on-board shower and toilet) facilities where camping is restricted to those with approved facilities
• Littering, and leaving human waste (toilet waste)


Because New Zealand is such a great place to visit, the increasing number of visitors mean that is it more important that we all look after the areas we are visiting and have respect for the country's pristine natural areas. Council officers will now issue an on-the-spot fines to travellers — therefore Apollo Motorhome Holidays strongly encourages its customers to follow the freedom camping guidelines.

Freedom Camping Guidelines

Freedom Camping

Don’t litter

Freedom Camping

Recycle where possible

Freedom Camping

Only go to the toilet where there is a designated toilet or use toilets in the motorhome

Freedom Camping

Only dump waste at designated dump stations

Freedom Camping

Only shower in designated showers or use the shower in the motorhome

Freedom Camping

If in doubt check with a local!

Freedom Camping

If in doubt, check where you can camp overnight at a local iSITE or DOC (Department of Conservation) visitor centre.

Freedom Camping


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