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Travel Destinations

This area will provide information about some popular travel destinations to help you make the most of your New Zealand holiday.



Hamilton is situated in the centre of New Zealand's north island approximately 90 minutes drive from the bright lights and big city lifestyle of Auckland. The city of Hamilton, which is the country's fourth largest, lies at the heart of the Waikato region which is an area of lush rolling hillsides, sprawling bushland and productive farmland. It makes a great destination for a campervan hire New Zealand holiday as it is a short distance from many of the north island's attractions. Read More


The Coromandel

To escape the rat race of Auckland many locals make the one and a half hour drive to the Coromandel Peninsula. The region is blessed with stunningly beautiful stretches of coastline which are home to misty rainforests covering the low lying hillsides. The unique landscape and laid back pace of life on the peninsula is a magnet for holiday makers. Whether you are in search of adventure, culture or relaxation the Coromandel can deliver. Read More


Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is the best seaside destination in New Zealand by far, with its 144 pristine islands and romantic secluded coves, it draws visitors from far and wide. The Bay is teaming with marine life including marlin, whales, penguins, dolphins and may other species. Read More



Rotorua is the cultural heartland of New Zealand's Maori people. Over the years the Maori have earned a reputation for their warmth, proud spirit and a deep respect of their ancestors and history. For over 160 years the Arawa people of Rotorua have showcased to visitors the area's natural thermal wonders they have called home for more than 600 years.Read More



Bright lights, big city. This is the beating heart of Auckland, with it's relaxed Pacific vibe by day and a pumping pulse come nighttime that spreads out across the city and the surrounding suburbs.Read More


Waiheke Island

New Zealand is a stunning country offering a wide variety of attractions. A great way to experience all NZ has to offer is by traveling around Waiheke Island in one of our NZ Campervan Hire vehicles. This breathtaking island has a diverse range of cultural and natural attractions.Read More